Who am I? I'm Spencer Gerdes a naturally curious person who loves finding out what makes things tick. That tick usually pertains to biology, theoretical physics, astronomy, or programming. To me nothing is as great as finding out the whys and hows of the universe.

What do I do? Well I play video games, program, watch movies, listen to music, bake candy, go camping, and play a bit of D&D whenever my friends have a campaign going. Typically for video games I play Smite but, will occasionally check out what is new. Programming wise I usually play with JavaScript, CSS, or dabble around in a new framework. Favorite movies include, Mad Max: Fury Road, Heat (1995), and I am a fan of Breaking Bad. Music is great, I like all, genres except country, but, specifically I like 80's music, Metal, and EDM.

Why do I develop for the web? I do web development because the web is such a large platform that will be around for a while and my curiosity drove me to look into how this all works. I like creating great looking sites, using JavaScript, and UX.